Natasha Arancini is a Perth-born, Sydney-based actress.


At the end of 2016, Natasha graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce. She quickly jumped on a plane and moved to Melbourne to pursue a career in acting, and after spending two and a half years there, has now moved to Sydney. Her goal is to obtain a visa and move to the USA to work in the film industry. 

Natasha has undertaken a broad range of training, both within Australia and overseas. She frequently visits the United States to work at schools including Beverly Hills Playhouse, Second City, and Matthew Barry Teaches. In Australia, she trains primarily at Howard Fine Studios. Natasha has also been selected numerous times to travel to the USA as part of talent development programs including the Professional Actors Masterclass and Glee Club Australia, run by the Australian Institute for Performing Arts.

Since making the move to the Eastern States, Natasha has endeavoured to gain as much on set experience as possible. She has been cast in a collection of short films, web series' and plays. Most recently, she has appeared in a leading role in Heidelberg Theatre Company's 'Blue Stockings', and had a blast doing her own stunts in an upcoming web series, 'Monkey Man'. However her current focus is content creation. So keep an eye on this space! There are some cool projects in the works.

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