About Me

Hey there. I’m Tash. This is a little bit about me.


When I was in school, I was part of a student devised play. Each house created one as part of a school competition. A week after the performance, a girl I’d never met stopped me on my way to class to tell me that her mother was so moved by my work that she ended up in tears. I wish I could personally thank her because, whilst I didn’t know it at the time, that moment planted the acting seed.


In the beginning, I took a slight detour and completed a Law/Commerce degree. Whilst painful, it wasn’t entirely futile. I learnt the importance of hard work and continued professional development. So if I’m not on set, you will always find me in class somewhere, or trying to master a new accent or skill. I’ve trained across the USA and Australia at schools such as Beverly Hills Playhouse, The Second City, 16th Street and Howard Fine Studios. To cover all my bases, I also chose to delve into the technicalities of film making and subsequently moved to Sydney in 2019 in pursuit of that growth. I’m now a licensed drone pilot and can often be found snapping headshots, operating the camera or sound gear. 


I’m always looking to get involved in projects. Everything in this industry relies on community and every chance to work with someone new is a chance to learn, practice and grow. My most recent work includes a lead role in ‘Blue Stockings’ at Heidelberg Theatre Company, a guest role in Bamyasi Media’s new web series ‘Monkey Man,’ and appearances in both Qantas and Bank of Melbourne TV commercials.


To me, the greatest feeling in the world is having the ability to engage and affect people and illicit in them the full spectrum of emotions. Storytelling is life and there is nothing else I would rather be dedicating my time to.

Natasha Arancini 2019

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